The RetroBear Collectables Collection

A list of retro collectables collected over the years.



Goal takes the basic gameplay of Dino Dini's previous Kick Off games, but updates most features in some way. The control is loose, making it tricky to keep the ball while dribbling, and holding down fire when the ball is at your feet will trap it, allowing you to pass it more easily.Teams from various European countries are included, and you can customise these by moving players around, and changing the starting lineups and formations. An Arcade Challenge mode sees you play matches against each of the 5 computer team speeds, in succession, until you lose one - you can also arrange leagues or play individual matches.A wide range of options are included, with variable wind settings, a range of pitches and referees, variable match lengths, and the chance to play up/down or left/right, a choice of close or distant view, and variable computer speed and skill (these can be combined to vary the game quite significantly).

LemonAmiga Rating : 8.0 (13.06.10)