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A list of retro collectables collected over the years.

Knight Games

Knight Games

Knight Games consists of eight self-contained small games with a medieval theme. Two are shooting games. The Crossbow event involves moving a crosshair so as to hit one of an array of rotating targets. Once you've mastered this you are ready for Archery - this time you must hit targets which move from left to right, so timing is more important.The other six involve one-on-one combat. There are two sword-fighting battles against different backdrops; in each of them you must make 10 hits to get your opponent down, and do that 10 times to win overall. Time your jabs and shields to achieve this.The other four events follow the same formula, but with slightly different weapons. The Quartermast event is on a log, although the action is still only 2-dimensional. Ball & Chain, Axe and Pike battles complete the set. All can be played by 2 human players

Zzap64 Rating : 90% (Issue 17)
Lemon64 Rating : 7.0 (01.04.10)


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