A list of retro collectables collected over the years. Battlefield 2: Modern Combat <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=Battlefield_2__Modern_Combat_2.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Platform : PlayStation 2</li> <li>Editor : Electronic Arts UK Ltd.</li> <li>Developer : Electronic Arts UK Ltd.</li> <li>Players : Offline: 1; Online: 24 Players</li> <li>Release Date : 18.11.2005</li> </ul> <p>Although called Battlefield 2, this is the first of the Battlefield series to pass over to console. Vehicles like the Humvees, tanks, APCs and helicopters all make it into the game although fixed wing aircraft are noticeable absent.<br /> <br /> Multiplayer allows up to 24 players battle it out in a Conquest mode where you capture flags and maintain control of them until the enemy tickers run down, or Capture the Flag which is all out attack to get the enemy flag back to your own base.<br /> A single player campaign, which is story led, see's China and USA go up against each other in Kazakhstan.<br /> Throughout the single player campaign you switch between China and USA armies as you follow orders based on news reports which show both sides of the war giving you a view of how war is and how it's reported.<br /> The new Hot Swap feature allows you to jump into almost any other allied troop on the battlefield which saves loads of running and gets you into the best position for your next attack or defense.</p> Action Legends of Wrestling II <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=Legends_of_Wrestling_II_2.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Platform : PlayStation 2</li> <li>Editor : Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.</li> <li>Developer : Acclaim Studios Salt Lake City</li> <li>Players : Offline: 1-2 Players</li> <li>Release Date : 07.02.2003</li> </ul> <p>The sequel is enhanced and improved first part, in which you control a fighter or a party of them in most unbloody fighting sport, which is called wrestling. Over 65 famous &quot;Champions&quot; are available to you, such as Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Bruno Sammartino, Bret &quot;Hitman&quot; Hart, Sid Vicious, &quot;Big Poppa Pump&quot; Scott Steiner and Jerry &quot;The King&quot; Lawler.<br /> <br /> There are many types of fights, including 6- and 8-man Elimination Bouts, Cage, Battle Royal, Ladder, Table and 3- and 4-way dances, also Body Slam Challenge with Big John Studd and tag-team tournaments with great teams such as The Road Warriors, Steiner Brothers, British Bulldogs, Nasty Boys, Rock-n-Roll Express and more.<br /> <br /> Create-A-Legend feature now is bigger and better, allowing players to make their ultimate grappler.</p> Sports Showdown: Legends of Wrestling <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=Showdown__Legends_of_Wrestling_2.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Platform : PlayStation 2</li> <li>Editor : Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.</li> <li>Developer : Acclaim Studios Austin</li> <li>Players : Offline: 1-2 Players</li> <li>Release Date : 22.06.2004</li> </ul> <p>Do battle with over 70 of the all-time greatest legends of wrestling. Match types include: 1-On-1, Tag Team, Hardcore, Battle Royal, Cage Match, Ladder Match, Table Match, and much more. With Classic Matches you are placed in middle of a historic match and challenged to repeat its outcome. In addition, Create-A-Player lets you make your own &quot;Legend&quot; from scratch and see how he can hold up against the best there ever was.</p> Sports Final Fantasy X-2 <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=Final_Fantasy_X-2_2.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Platform : PlayStation 2</li> <li>Editor : Square Enix, Ltd.</li> <li>Developer : Square Co., Ltd.</li> <li>Players : Offline: 1</li> <li>Release Date : 20.02.2004</li> </ul> <p>Final Fantasy X-2 is the first direct sequel in the history of the series. The events of the game take place two years after Yuna and her guardians defeated Sin in Final Fantasy X, and peace was restored in Spira. Rikku (remember this cheerful Al-Bhed girl from the previous game?) finds a strange sphere that mysteriously shows an image resembling... Tidus, Yuna's one and only love! Rikku brings the sphere to Yuna, who now doesn't look any more like the shy, quiet girl we know from FFX, but rather like a cool action heroine in short pants and with a gun in each hand. Determined to discover the truth behind the mystery, Yuna organizes a journey of &quot;sphere-hunting&quot;, to find more spheres scattered around the world, and perhaps to find Tidus...<br /> <br /> The series underwent important changes in this game, especially gameplay-wise. The ATB (active time battle) system is back, after it had been replaced by turn-based combat in FFX. The battles develop at a quicker pace than earlier games in the Final Fantasy series, with more emphasis on quick decision and timing. You have a party of three characters: Yuna and her friends Rikku and Paine (yes, you control only girls in this game!). The job system similar to that of Final Fantasy V is back, with the possibility to learn various abilities and to freely customize your characters' classes. Jumping and climbing are now possible in certain locations. Also, the gameplay is non-linear, untypically for console RPGs. Right from the beginning you have your airship, and you can explore the entire world at your pleasure.</p> Role-Playing (RPG) Scooby Doo!: Mystery Mayhem <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Platform : PlayStation 2</li> <li>Editor : THQ Inc.</li> <li>Developer : Artificial Mind &amp; Movement</li> <li>Players : 1</li> <li>Release Date : 02.03.2004</li> </ul> <p>The gang is at it again! This time, Mystery Inc. must stop an evil business tycoon who has used a device called the Tome of Doom and release monsters from another dimension to distract the gang from what is going on. They must grab the Tome and send the monsters back to where they came before it's too late.<br /> <br /> The player takes control of Shaggy and Scooby with the ability to switch between the two, each with their own special abilities to set traps and capture monsters, and wearing disguises to sneak past them as well. The gameplay is mostly consisted of puzzle-solving (i.e. moving objects into certain spots to open doors) and players can explore a movie set, The Wild West, a bayou and a laboratory.<br /> <br /> Features the actual voices of the Scooby Doo cartoons and features artwork and stills of the shows.</p> Action / Adventure Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=Peter_Jackson_s_King_Kong__The_Official_Game_of_the_Movie_2.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Platform : PlayStation 2</li> <li>Editor : Ubisoft Entertainment SA</li> <li>Developer : Ubisoft Montpellier Studios</li> <li>Players : Offline: 1</li> <li>Release Date : 17.11.2005</li> </ul> <p>Jack Driscoll, scriptwriter, follows director Carl Dernham and actress Ann Darrow to Skull Island where Dernham intends to film his next movie. But primeval creatures await them: giant insects, dinosaurs, and King Kong. Based on Peter Jackson's 2005 remake, King Kong lets you play as Jack Driscoll and Kong himself.<br /> <br /> Jack's levels are HUDless FPS levels set on Skull Island. Jack must use a variety of weapons, traps, and fire to kill or repel Skull Island's fauna. Kong's levels are third-person brawlers set on Skull Island and New York City, where Kong must puzzle his way through environmental obstacles and thrash his opponents.</p> Action FantaVision <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=FantaVision_0.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Platform : PlayStation 2</li> <li>Editor : Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd.</li> <li>Developer : Sony Computer Entertainment Incorporated</li> <li>Players : Offline: 1-2 Players</li> <li>Release Date : 24.11.2000</li> </ul> <p>Fireworks are launching across a city's skyline. In this puzzle game, you must connect them quickly to have them explode. Earn more points for detonating more fireworks at the same time. You can also work against another player to see who can gain the most points. Be careful, as control of the screen can shift and one player could be left with few fireworks to explode.</p> Strategy R-Type Final <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=R-Type_Final_0.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Platform : PlayStation 2</li> <li>Editor : Metro3D, Inc.</li> <li>Developer : Irem Software Engineering, Inc.</li> <li>Players : Offline: 1</li> <li>Release Date : 26.03.2004</li> </ul> <p>In R-Type Final, your enemy is the Bydo, an evil (and living) weapon capable of reproducing itself. Humanity has fought the Bydo four times so far, and each time was victorious. However, each time the Bydo appears it is stronger than before, and now it's back and you need to destroy it again! Like other games in the R-Type Series, the game is a scrolling shooter where you need to guide a spaceship through various stages and destroy the many enemies (including very large end of level bosses). The game features a large variety of spaceships (over 100!) to choose from, each with varying capabilities. Regardless of which ship you choose, you begin the game with limited firepower; you can fire a basic weapon, or hold down a button to charge up and fire a more powerful burst. Occasionally power ups will appear on the screen; collect these to equip your ship with additional weapons, including a variety of lasers, missiles, and other useful items. In addition to the normal game, an AI VS mode is also included. In this mode, you can set up one of your available fighters to be controlled by the computer and then fight it to see who wins in various battles.</p> Action Gregory Horror Show <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=Gregory_Horror_Show_0.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Platform : PlayStation 2</li> <li>Editor : CE Europe Ltd.</li> <li>Developer : Capcom Co., Ltd.</li> <li>Players : Offline: 1</li> <li>Release Date : 05.12.2003</li> </ul> <p>Escape Gregory's mansion before he steals your soul in this anime-based adventure from Capcom.<br /> <br /> You have to run around a spooky hotel collecting all the Lost Souls. However, the guests have stolen the souls and aren't going to give them back willingly. To steal those souls back, you've gotta have cunning. Peek through keyholes and listen to the guests' insane mumblings. Find out their weak point and then use it against them to win the soul. Once you steal a soul off a guest, that guest will chase you. If he/she catches you, you will be put through a &quot;horror show&quot; where the guest tortures you and makes it look like a show!</p> Action / Adventure Disney Golf <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Platform : PlayStation 2</li> <li>Editor : Teesoft</li> <li>Developer : Disney Interactive</li> <li>Players : 1</li> <li>Release Date : 2002</li> </ul> <p>-</p> Sports Godzilla: Unleashed <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=Godzilla__Unleashed_0.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Platform : PlayStation 2</li> <li>Editor : Atari, Inc.</li> <li>Developer : Pipeworks Software, Inc.</li> <li>Players : Offline: 1-2 Players</li> <li>Release Date : 20.11.2007</li> </ul> <p>Godzilla: Unleashed is a fighting game featuring 23 of the classic Toho monsters from the past, including some brand new ones and the games namesake as well, Godzilla. Players will fight against each other in eight destructible cities, letting the player destroy everything from skyscrapers to small buildings and pick up power-ups from causing the destruction.<br /> <br /> The storyline is different from others, a non-linear one which constantly changes depending upon the decisions the player makes before, during and after battles. The Wii's gameplay uses the Wii Remote and Nunchuk and can support up to four-players, while the PS2 version only features two player simultaneous play.</p> Action 007: Quantum of Solace <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Platform : PlayStation 2</li> <li>Editor : Activision Publishing, Inc.</li> <li>Developer : Treyarch Invention, LLC</li> <li>Players : 1</li> <li>Release Date : 04.11.2008</li> </ul> <p>Based on the scripts of the 21st movie &quot;Casino Royale&quot; and the 22nd James Bond movie of the same name as the game, it follows closely the story of those movies but elaborates many scenes and fills in some blanks.<br /> <br /> In a first person shooter fashion, the player directs Bond through the levels filled with many bad guys. To overcome those, Bond has several different kinds of weapons at his disposal ranging from his trusted P99, over machine guns to full blown grenade launchers. But the levels are also filled with canisters that either explode upon shooting or vent gas that temporarily blinds the enemy. Bond can also perform a take down move which puts an enemy out silently. If Bond is near enough to an enemy, a button press will initiate the corresponding mini-game in which the player needs to hit a circle with a crosshair in a short period of time. Is the player successful, the enemy is out of the play but when he fails to hit the mark in time, Bond will be thrown away from the enemy and is vulnerable for a short period of time. In addition Bond can duck into cover to avoid bullets and shoot blindly over it or look out of it to get the kill. Bond also automatically regenerates his health when not under fire.<br /> <br /> Other obstacles in the levels are cameras, which can either be shot or disabled and electronic locks which need to be hacked in another mini-game. There arrows flash green or red on the screen and the player needs to press the corresponding button fast enough when it blink green to input the right number into the keypad.<br /> <br /> The game also features a multiplayer mode for up to 12 players with the following game modes:Bond Versus: one player takes over the control of James Bond and either needs to defuse two of the three bombs in the level or kill all six of the opposing team. In this mode Bond can also see all enemies and has two lives.<br /> <br /> Golden Gun: the first player to score 100 points wins the round. Points are earned by kills but if the player is holding the always visible power weapon called &quot;Golden Gun&quot;, he scores 6 points per kill.<br /> <br /> Bond Evasion: in this mode one member of the MI6-team randomly gets to be Bond and needs to get to the escape point of the map to win the round for his team. Meanwhile The Organization tries to stop him by either killing him or preventing him to reach the escape points in time.</p> Action Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=Star_Wars__Jedi_Starfighter_0.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Platform : PlayStation 2</li> <li>Editor : LucasArts</li> <li>Developer : LucasArts</li> <li>Players : Offline: 1-2 Players</li> <li>Release Date : 2002</li> </ul> <p>Based loosely on the vehicles, events and characters of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, you must pilot the new Jedi Starfighter, a sleek force powered vehicle, to defend a planet from total destruction.<br /> <br /> Jedi Adi Gallia is trusted by her former master Mace Windu to stop an incoming invasion on the Karthak system planned by Cavic Toth. With the aid of Nym and his ship Havoc, you must control both the Jedi Starfighter and the Havoc to stop the incoming invasion.<br /> <br /> The Jedi Starfighter, much like a Jedi, uses force powers as its main weapons and defense systems. You can use the likes of Force Lightning and Force Shockwave to knock down enemies, and defend yourself with Force Shield and Force Reflex.<br /> <br /> Also included on disk is a two player co-operative mode and deatmatch/capture the flag options.</p> Action Spider-Man: Friend or Foe <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=Spider-Man__Friend_or_Foe_0.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Platform : PlayStation 2</li> <li>Editor : Activision (UK) Limited</li> <li>Developer : Next Level Games, Inc.</li> <li>Players : Offline: 1-2 Players</li> <li>Release Date : 12.10.2007</li> </ul> <p>Friend? Foe? Why not both?<br /> <br /> In Spider-Man: Friend or Foe, Spider-Man must confront some of his most famous enemies to vanquish an even greater threat. Battle against characters such as Doctor Octopus, Venom and the Green Goblin - then add them to your list of allies!<br /> <br /> Inspired by events of the movie trilogy, Spider-Man: Friend or Foe is a non-stop action adventure with a humorous twist that lets you recruit foes from the webslinger's rogue's gallery and use them in single-player levels, or co-op versus modes.</p> Action Terminator 3: The Redemption <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=Terminator_3__The_Redemption_0.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Platform : PlayStation 2</li> <li>Editor : Atari Europe S.A.S.U.</li> <li>Developer : Paradigm Entertainment Inc.</li> <li>Players : Offline: 1-2 Players</li> <li>Release Date : 17.09.2004</li> </ul> <p>Terminator 3: The Redemption is a combination of 3rd person shooter, rail, and driving game featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger as the infamous T-850 Infiltrator. The game features 20+ alternate vehicles with never before seen SkyNet units and a Tech-Com Force Co-op mode. Your goal is to ensure the survival of both John Connor and Kate Brewster in present and future universes.</p> Action / Racing / Driving Devil May Cry <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=Devil_May_Cry_4.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Platform : PlayStation 2</li> <li>Editor : CE Europe Ltd.</li> <li>Developer : Capcom Production Studio 4</li> <li>Players : Offline: 1</li> <li>Release Date : 07.12.2001</li> </ul> <p>Legend has it that 2000 years ago in the depths of hell, a demon rebelled against the devil, waging a one-man war in support of the human world.<br /> <br /> In the present, Dante, a private investigator of the supernatural, realises that the devil is rallying to rise again against mankind. Deep within Dante's blood lies the power of ancient demons and as his power builds he transforms into a demon state where he can use his power against evil he encounters.<br /> <br /> Commencing his battle against the demonic legions with just a sword and his twin pistols, Ebony and Ivory, Dante will soon come across more powerful weapons, such as a shotgun to aid him in his mission. However, to defeat the devil Dante must also discover special weapons possessing various elemental powers. When channelled correctly these weapons will allow Dante to call upon demonic energy and launch powerful attacks against a range of enemies.</p> Action Rumble Roses <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=Rumble_Roses_0.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Platform : PlayStation 2</li> <li>Editor : Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH</li> <li>Developer : Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo, Inc.</li> <li>Players : Offline: 1-2 Players</li> <li>Release Date : 18.02.2005</li> </ul> <p>A wrestling game featuring a large and varied number of attractive women. The playable characters run the gamut: nurses, schoolgirls, cowgirls, ninjas, and many more. Each combatant has her own repository of clothes to choose from before each match, from a wide selection of standard wrestling outfits, to a series of bikinis, used mainly for the Mud Wrestling mode in the game.A great deal of the game revolves around the personalities of the fighters and the usage of the reputation system. Several matches will require that the player be sworn not to use dirty tactics such as using weapons found around the ring or even to humiliate the opponent. These oaths can be broken by the player, but the consequences are the loss of fan popularity and for the player's chosen character to develop a dark side to their persona.Popularity comes into play in the game, not only as a statistical boost for the player, but also as an actual aide in combat when the player finds the audience cheering and helping their character to win the match. Much like similar wrestling/fighting titles such as Def Jam: Fight for NY, this sort of help can be a difference maker in a close match.</p> Action / Sports Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were Rabbit <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Platform : PlayStation 2</li> <li>Editor : Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH</li> <li>Developer : Frontier Developments Ltd.</li> <li>Players : 1</li> <li>Release Date : 14.10.2005</li> </ul> <p>A faithful game to film tie in of the hit animated duo Wallace and Gromit, based on the feature film released in 2005 and featuring all the plasticine characters in their full glory. Your job as Anti Pesto the pest control team of Wallace, Gromit and Hutch is to protect the prize winning vegetables from garden pests using the tailor made bun gun and other cracking contraptions. And to uncover the terrible truth about the Wererabbit that plagues Wallaby Gardens.</p> Action Escape from Monkey Island <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=Escape_from_Monkey_Island_0.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Platform : PlayStation 2</li> <li>Editor : LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC</li> <li>Developer : LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC</li> <li>Players : Offline: 1</li> <li>Release Date : 2000</li> </ul> <p>Guybrush Threepwood has finally defeated the zombie pirate LeChuck, and married his sweetheart Elaine Marley. The happy couple is returning home from an exciting honeymoon. But as they arrive on Melee Island, they notice some very strange changes. A mysterious stranger who calls himself Charles L. Charles is organizing a campaign to become the next governor. The Australian businessman Ozzie Mandrill is turning the Caribbean into an attraction for tourists. And on top of that, Elaine's mansion is being demolished! Naturally, it's up to our hero to revert the things back to normal, even if that means traveling to exotic islands and solving puzzles on the way.Escape From Monkey Island is a direct sequel to The Curse of Monkey island, and is the fourth game in the Monkey Island series. The gameplay relies mainly on inventory-based puzzles and branching dialogues, just like in the previous installments. The interface is similar to that of Grim Fandango: mouse is not used, and the interaction is done via context-sensitive commands that appear on the screen whenever you navigate Guybrush close to an object. The game utilizes pre-rendered backgrounds and 3D character models.</p> Adventure SpongeBob SquarePants: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=SpongeBob_SquarePants__Revenge_of_the_Flying_Dutchman_0.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Platform : PlayStation 2</li> <li>Editor : THQ Inc.</li> <li>Developer : BigSky Interactive, Inc.</li> <li>Players : Offline: 1</li> <li>Release Date : 18.12.2002</li> </ul> <p>SpongeBob and his pet snail, Gary were playing fetch one morning, when Gary found an old bottle in SpongeBob´s yard. SpongeBob decided to open the mysterious bottle, and in doing so he let loose the ghost of the Flying Dutchman. The Dutchman was not very happy about this, and accused SpongeBob of disturbing his treasure. If SpongeBob doesn´t find the Dutchman´s treasure, Gary will have to go to sea on the Dutchman´s ship!You control SpongeBob in this action-adventure game. You collect items, treasure, new outfits, and more in this game. You will travel to places like the Krusty Krab and beautiful downtown Bikini Bottom. Your friends like Patrick, Squidward, and Sandy will help you find the Dutchman´s treasure.</p> Action / Adventure